Your future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow.  ~Robert Kiyosaki

Reach-Out Methods
Each of these presentation methods has its own distinct advantages, and a great way to build your Arbonne business is to combine all three. The 2+2+2 method to success combines all three of these reach-out methods. And of course, these all can be done VIRTUALLY through Social Media. Learn how to best apply all three methods and which works best for you. Benefits include sponsoring opportunities, future bookings, referrals, and qualifying volume earning “right now” money through retail sales. 

ONE-ON-ONES- These are person-to-person meetings, in a home, a coffee shop or wherever is convenient, to share the Arbonne products and/or the Arbonne business opportunity. The One-on-One meeting is a friendly, personal way to do business. It gives you the opportunity to introduce a person to the aspects of Arbonne products and the Arbonne Opportunity that is best suited for him or her. Conducting a One-on-One Meeting is simply a conversation — just get together with another person to tell them your personal Arbonne story, and learn how Arbonne can fit into their life. You can do One-on-Ones anywhere you can get together and chat. The venue doesn’t matter — wherever you can be relaxed and comfortable to talk, listen and converse. A One- on-One can start with a product demonstration, or you may have given the person a product sample in advance to experience and your One-on-One was a scheduled follow-up. Either way, you can end by sharing the opportunity to build a business with Arbonne. It’s important not to pre-judge — you never know when the income opportunity, great products, or both could greatly impact someone’s life, or the life of someone they know. 


GROUP PRESENTATIONS- These are Arbonne events where a group of friends gather at a Host’s house to experience the products and learn about the Arbonne business opportunity. The benefits of Group Presentations are numerous, and your business will have more opportunities to thrive the more presentations you hold. This is the ideal way to leverage your time and energy. In Group Presentations you can reach a wider audience with your “I Story.” You can network with new individuals, expand your contact list, add new business builders to your team as well as Preferred Clients, Hosts, and Retail Clients. You can also build your QV and earn retail commissions. That’s money you can see on your next commission check!

  • HOST COACHING- The Key to Successful Group Presentations- When you book a Group Presentation, you enter into a “partnership” with your Host. They stand to benefit significantly from the Group Presentation, just as you do. Hosts can earn a substantial amount of discounted or free product based on the amount of sales achieved at the Group Presentation. Your Host will also learn how rewarding and profitable an Arbonne business can be, which is why so many Arbonne Independent Consultants begin as Hosts. 

  • Facebook Party- How to Create a Successful Virtual Presentation

SAMPLING- This is a “leading with the product” method where you give people a chance to try the product first, then follow up with more information about Arbonne. Remember, before a sample is given, you should always collect the prospect’s contact information, and schedule a time to follow up.

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At Arbonne, everyone comes from vastly different walks of life, from performance artist to physical therapist and everything in between. What they have in common is their relentless passion to transform their lives and the lives of everyone around them. These are their stories. Use them to cast the vision with your prospects.

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