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The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.  ~Mark Twain

It is very important to set aside some time to understand WHY you are building an Arbonne business. Just like any business, there are learning curves, peaks and valleys, episodes of doubt, and moments to celebrate. To weather the storms of this business, you must have an unshakable belief in the vision of what this business can mean in your life. Let your Excuse for not building this business be the Reason why you need to build this business. In order to do this, you need to attach value to the money that you can make in this business. 


Here is an exercise to help you develop a strong WHY: 


  1. Draw out three columns. In the first column, write NEEDS at the top. These are practical and urgent things that you and your family needs. These things typically cause you a lot of stress. Examples could be daycare, gas money, credit card debt, school loans, medical bills, etc.

  2. In the second column, write WANTS at the top. These are not necessarily things that you need, but they would be so nice to have. They are more materialistic in nature and make things more convenient or luxurious in your life. This could be a nicer car, a new wardrobe, regular manicures and massages, landscaping, cleaning services, vacation, upgrades, postponed projects, or private school.

  3. In the last column, write DREAMS at the top. If money and time were not obstacles in your life, what would you be doing with your time and money? Obviously the first two columns would be addressed already. So, what will you put in your third? Take a moment to envision what your life would be like. Once you have purchased everything you could possibly buy for yourself and your loved ones, how will you use your time? What are you passionate about? What do you dream about to make this world a better place? When you think about it, does it make your heart soar, or trouble you deeply? Does it make you cry? This is where you can start to visualize how you can impact those people and/organizations around you. 


The first column is important to you and what your current money is going towards now. The second column reminds you of the things you can’t necessarily have because there doesn’t seem to be enough time or money to make it happen. While these columns are important, the third column is what will give you the passion, conviction, and enthusiasm to clarify your purpose and cast the vision of what Arbonne could mean for others. 

When someone asks what do you do, here are the steps on what to say:
Finally, you can post this story on your website:
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