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If you start today to do the right thing, you are already a success even if it doesn't show yet.  ~John Maxwell

As you work through the 5 steps below and throughout your Arbonne journey, always keep in mind and continue to work on your leadership skills.  We will continue to help you develop these skills and confidence by Mastering Four Key Areas:

  • Social Marketing Industry

  • Arbonne Company

  • Arbonne Products

  • Personal Deveiopment

STEP 1:  SELECT YOUR PACKAGE:  If you haven't done so already, purchase these recommended packages to help set you up for success! Discuss with your sponsor what works best with your budget. Remember you may be able to deduct some or all of this initial purchase as a business expense. Please check with your accountant. 

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STEP 2:  START YOUR 100 NAME LIST:  Don't pre-judge, pre-qualify! While eventually you will want to contact everyone on your list about the business, here is how we determine who to contact first: 

  •  Give them one check if they’re a “people” person. People like them and they like being around people. They are outgoing and have a large network.

  • ✔✔  Give them two checks if they need a Plan B or want to build soemthing that could give them more flexibility and a supportive community that encourages and uplifts them in their dreams and aspirations. 

  • ✔✔✔  Give them three checks if you feel they are eager to learn about the business and be guided by your direction. Who would you LOVE to do business and life with! If you could pick your ideal team members, who would they be? Are they self-starters, motivated, successful in their circles, goal oriented, leaders in their communities, FUN? You get to choose your Dream Team!! These are the folks you will want to contact first!

  • H Place an “H” by those who will host a presentation for you right away. These can be one of the first people you contact too, but it's always best to lead with questions about the business first! These are great prospects who may become Preferred Clients. Once they become more familiar with Arbonne, they may just be ready to hear more about becoming an Independent Consultant. You can also sort by skin/health concerns, as these people will want to sample products right away.


This is such an important assignment to give you the momentum you need to truly set you up for SUCCESS! Set aside a couple of hours or so in a 24 hr period to get through your entire 100 name list. The reason for this is it is easy to be distracted when someone responds back and you may not end up getting through your entire list.  So it's best to get through the list, then respond to messages.  Some may respond right away, but do not respond back until you have completed the entire 100 name list. This will get you into massive activity right from the start so that you have many appointments and/or group presentations booked on your calendar!

STEP 4:  SCHEDULE 6-8 LAUNCH EVENTS:  A launch event is a great way to have your family and friends come check out what you are doing. It’s a Grand Opening celebration, so you can even do a Ribbon Cutting! We recommend doing at least 1-2 in person, but doing these virtually have proven to be successful as well! Your upline leader will attend and help you network, share success stories, and gain support for you and your new business. This is a great "Earn as you Learn" opportunity. We focus on the amazing products, the business, and why it is such a smart investment. Pick dates that work for you and your upline leader. Set the dates before asking family and friends if they are available. You won’t likely find a day that fits everyone’s schedule. Our goal is to find people that want to partner in this business with you. Just get people there, and we will do the rest!




  • Since 90% of network marketing/social marketing/multi-level marketing/direct sales companies are on social media, it has been difficult to monitor representatives making exaggerated, false, non-typical results claims- both with product and income claims. To address this, the Direct Selling Self-Regulatory Council (DS-SRC) was created in January 2019 to protect consumers. Thankfully, Arbonne has been part of the Direct Selling Association for decades and created the Arbonne Business Ethics Standards Team (BEST) dedicated to being a resource for Arbonne Independent Consultants so that we can build a healthy business by supporting & educating us to maintain our high standards of PURE business and PURE ethics: EVERYTHING we say on social media and in our presentations have to be true AND not misleading for the "typical" consultant, not just true for a select minority. When posting about your experience or results with the products and/or the business, please add this web address  so anyone can click on it, including someone from the DS-SRC. 

  • Set up a Facebook GROUP for prospects and clients- your VIP's! This page is a PRIVATE group and is a good way to talk about Arbonne without taking over your personal Facebook page. You can also post specials or campaigns for only those who wish to see them- so please invite them to the group before adding them. Best practice when posting on your personal page is to demonstrate how Arbonne fits into your lifestyle, and to do so in a 1:3 ratio- meaning, for every Arbonne lifestyle post, share 3 posts that have nothing to do with Arbonne. Contact your upline leader to show you some examples.  Be sure to ask your upline leader to add you to our Team GROUP page where you can connect with our whole organization and get the most up-to-date information. 

  • Set up a Facebook business PAGE as it is needed to use the Facebook messaging on CRM (click blue box on right). This is a PUBLIC page so please keep that in mind when posting. Remember to bring value to the audience and show how Arbonne has benefited you and others through lifestyle and product or business testimonies.  Now just set up your Pure Pay.

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Congratulations!  You are now set up for success!
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