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Systems permit ordinary people to achieve extraordinary results predictably.  ~Michael Gerber


No need to reinvent the wheel! We Prospect. We Present. Then we Plug-In to this system for success (the 3 Ps). Establishing a repeatable process will help you achieve your goals by focusing on the right activity. Be dependent on the SYSTEM- not your upline leader. This allows you to treat your business like a business so you can earn business income! When you are dependent on the system, you LEAD YOURSELF and you truly become an Independent Consultant. Then ultimately, you can think more interdependently and cultivate more of a team mentality- Together Everyone Achieves More! When you duplicate the right things with your future team, you protect the amazing culture of world class leaders in our Arbonne community. 

We need to FOCUS on IPA's- Income Producing Activities. Otherwise we will spend most of our time thinking about our business or what we call POPing- planning, organizing, & prioritizing. This is OK to do, but not during prime IPA time.


 Sharing, Scheduling, Sponsoring, Selling, and Servicing to avoid POPing all day long! Each of these activities is important, and doing them all consistently will increase your success with Arbonne. Consistent activity is the key, so track your business on a daily, weekly and monthly basis and make sure you’re following the system to perform all of these business-building activities consistently. 

1. SHARING- As your business grows, your list of contacts will grow as well. Working your way through that list and continuing to build it is called Sharing Arbonne or Prospecting. It's one of the most important business activities you will do, for without your pipeline of prospects, you do not have the "inventory" from which to build upon. Through social media, text, email, on the phone or in person, sharing Arbonne can happen everywhere and anywhere.


Each person you know and meet is a potential Independent Consultant, Client, Host, or connection. When starting the conversation with prospects, it’s important to have a system to ensure you always walk away from your interactions with the next steps in place. The funnel method is the order in which you share the opportunity and products with new prospects. It provides a plan for you to follow, which will help you overcome objections and make the most out of every connection you form. The more you share, the more comfortable you get and the more confidence you'll have to present the business to prospects, as well as overcome the natural fear of rejection. The more people you share the business with, the more opportunities you create to sponsor new folks to grow your business. When you start the conversation with a prospect, begin by asking them to do one or more of the following:

  • Take a Look at the Opportunity- Share with them a brief explanation of what the Arbonne Opportunity is from your standpoint. This is a great time to share your “I Story”. Convey why you started this business and what your personal motivation is. Next, explain why you think they could benefit from this opportunity, as well as why you think they’d be great at it. TIP: You don’t need to share every detail about the opportunity right away- you just need to ask if they’d be interested in learning more at a later time. Then, schedule a one-on-one or invite them to a Discover Arbonne presentation. If they say no, ask them to...

  • Host an Event for You- Let them know that the event will be a fun get-together for their friends and family- plus, they’ll have the opportunity to earn free products with the Host Rewards program! At the event, you will have the chance to share the business opportunity and products with your prospect and their guests. TIP: If your prospect seems interested, but doesn’t have time to host an event in their home, invite them to an event of your own. If they say no, ask them to:

  • Try the Products- Share your favorite products with your prospect, and explain why you enjoy using them (e.g., benefits, functionality, affordability, etc.). Then, ask if your prospect is interested in skincare, nutrition or makeup, and offer them a sample from that category. TIP: Make sure to follow-up with them after you’ve given them the sample to see if they’d like to purchase the full-size product and/or try more! If they say no, ask them to:

  • Refer Other Prospects- Thank your prospect for their time, and ask if they know of anyone who might be interested in learning more about the Arbonne Opportunity and/or Arbonne products. Request this person’s contact information, and start back at the top of the funnel with your next prospect!

2. SCHEDULING- Also known as booking appointments- One-on-One meetings, Group Presentations, and Sampling are all opportunities for you to share your experience and enthusiasm by gathering people together to learn about the Arbonne pure, safe, beneficial philosophy, the products, and the opportunity. Scheduling is essential for IPA's to be able to take place. Taking the 30in30 Challenge is the very best way to fill your calendar right from the start! Check out the Getting Started tab for details. 

3. SPONSORING- This is the lifeblood of your business. In order to leverage your time in this business, you need to train clients to order on their own, and train consultants to do what you do- like franchising with people. For example, you could be putting in an 8 hour day, but say you trained just 4 people well and they also put in an 8 hr day, you are not just getting paid on your 8 hr day, but on a 40 hr day! That is the power of this business! When you talk to people about your Arbonne business, your enthusiasm should pique their interest. When you consistently sponsor and generate product sales, your business grows as the sales volume of your team grows! 

4. SELLING- Selling product is a vital activity, and the key to earning your overrides and commissions. That includes introducing new Clients and Preferred Clients to Arbonne, and it also includes building a strong, active repeat business among the Clients and Preferred Clients you have join your team each month. Sharing Arbonne products will come naturally as the products speak for themselves. By recommending and selling Arbonne products, your sales will increase and your business will grow, but don’t forget to share the exceptional business opportunity as well. The Arbonne Opportunity offers more life choices, better products with cleaner ingredients, freedom from the 9-5, and has limitless income potential. All the things that attracted you! Every time you present Arbonne products, be sure to offer a balanced presentation that features skincare and nutrition. It’s a proven fact that Independent Consultants who have a well-balanced Preferred Client business of two categories (e.g., skincare and nutrition) have monthly Preferred Client sales of 3X more than Independent Consultants who only focus on one product category. As a result of this focus, these teams rank high on their District/Area promotions as well as the maintenance of those levels. 

5. SERVICING- Once your prospect is engaged in Arbonne, it's important to plug them in to the system. Whether they are a prospect, a client, or a team member, the best way to keep them plugged in to the system is through CRM and through your social media groups. The fortune is in how you follow up with them, so be sure to utilize these tools to make sure appropriate attention is given to each person involved. 

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